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The Sun is Gone: A Sister Lost in Secrets, Shame, & Addiction & How I Broke Free. 

But as his drinking becomes apparent, grows worse and more self-destructive, Jodee is drawn into a maelstrom of pain, co-dependence, and battle of wills with her other family members. Her deep love for her brother propels her forward to make choices and sacrifices that are disempowering for herself, Brett and others.


Yet, finally, despite excruciating emotional pain, she comes to realize that she must put herself and her husband and children first-and set boundaries-that she cannot fix someone else's life. For anyone dealing with an addictive family member, this experience will especially resonate.


But today, Jodee Prouse asserts that the need for women to take back the control over their own lives - and disengage from the maelstrom within a family crisis -- to no longer be an enabler -- is universal.And that's the deepest form of love and understanding.


Jodee inspires people to: LEARN. ACCEPT. FORGIVE. HEAL.


Coming soon...
Escapegoat; Breaking Away from Toxic Family
to Live My Best Life. 

After decades of looking after other people's needs ahead of my own, + that of my own husband + children, I had a mental breakdown when I was 48.  I have also been transparent + honest in that I am permanently estranged from my mother + sister, yet there is nothing more important to me than family.  From an outside view it may seem that this this isn't possible, yet I am here to tell you  that it is. 


You CAN be a caring, kind, compassionate, loving + amazing person while removing yourself from toxic relationships that are not good for your health, happiness + spirit. Even if those people are family. 

I stopped writing for many years after my mental health crisis as I became unconfident + fragile. Yet again, life is full of unexpended surprises, which tested my resilience, strength + definition of "family. "

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